Quiche Cottage

“Quiche Cottage” Chicken Coop - 1 to 2 Chickens

We are discontinuing Quiche Cottage and in process of adding a larger coop. Please call or email for additional information. Thanks!

Chicken Coop Size – 2′ x 3′
Run size – 72″ x 34″ x 22″

Quiche Cottage Chicken Coop provides a self contained coop w/run for ease of mobility. The 6′ run gives your hens access to forage on all the wonderful nutrients needed for free-range rich eggs. ENJOY!!!!

All Chicken Coops includes the following features:

  • 5/8″ exterior / 4″ shiplap / all end grain trimmed
  • 3/4″ exterior plywood for floor/slatted roof/nesting boxes
  • Cedar shakes on roof and nesting boxes – helps with Texas heat and drops temperature 10-15 degrees
  • All openings trimmed and inset with hardware wire for ventilation
  • Vented floor for ventilation and ease of cleaning
  • Drip cap to ensure weather protection
  • Coops sits on base -  22″ high
  • Walkway from door to ground
  • Roosts / Knobs / Security Latches
  • Nesting boxes with exterior access for egg gathering
  • Stained glass inset
  • Finished with one color; accented with one color



  • Rectangle Run 72″ long x 34″ tall x 22″ wide with inset predator-resistant hardware wire bottom panel
  • Plexiglas inserts for windows and vent for those cold Texas months
  • Wheels and handles package for free range availability


All chicken coops are fully assembled and ready for use.

“Eggs are the only prepackaged animal protein in the world”

all kooped up chicken coops