Omelette House

“Omelette House” Chicken Coop – 6  Chickens

Chicken Coop Size 5′ x 6′

Omelette House – An architectural, pleasing addition to your backyard landscape. As with all our chicken coops your chickens are cozy and protected in this 5′ x 6′ coop with 2 nesting boxes that have cedar shake lids for egg gathering. Two large doors open for easy access for cleaning the coop. A 3′ A-frame run is available than attaches to our Cathedral roof and includes a full size door. Additional 3′ run extensions are also available to maximize contained forage area for your hens. When desired the large walk-in door on the run opens and provides your hens access to roam your backyard for more free range access and time to play too!

Chicken Coops include the following features:

  • 5/8″ exterior plywood / 4″ shiplap / all end grain trimmed
  • 3/4″ exterior plywood for floor/slatted roof/nesting boxes
  • Cedar shingles on roof and nesting boxes – helps with Texas heat and drops temperature 10 to 15 degrees
  • All openings trimmed and inset with hardware wire for ventilation
  • Vented floor for ventilation and ease of cleaning
  • Drip cap to ensure weather protection
  • Coop sits on base 2′ x 4′ x 22″ high
  • Walkway from door to ground
  • Roosts / Knobs / Security Latches
  • Nesting boxes with exterior access for egg gathering
  • Stained glass inset
  • Finished with one color; accented with 1 or 2 colors

CHICKEN COOP. Please call or email for pricing

Extras: please call or email for pricing 20% off all coops month of Sept

  • A-frame Run w/door w/hardware wire / Inset predator proof hardware wire bottom panel (removable if needed) -   38″ x 94 1/4″ x 58″
  • Extended A-frame Run – 3′ wide extensions with inset hardwire predator proof bottom panel (removable if needed)
  • Rectangle Run – 72″L x 32″W x 41″H with access door on top and access door at the rear
  • Plexiglas inserts for windows and vent for those cold Texas nights
  • Free range wheels package
  • Custom paint color available upon rerquest

All Chicken Coops come fully assembled (ready for use).

 Nutrient package in one egg:

  • aids in weight management / muscle strength and muscle loss prevention / brain function / eye health



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