Koop Korner FAQ

Chicken time is coming soon – late Dec and thru April.  So if you are thinking of starting your own flock here are some questions you want to ask yourself: 

1 – Are there restrictions in my neighborhood.  And if not how many chickens can I have.     Roosters?

2 – How many chickens do I want. What breed(s) do I want.  Chickens are social creatures so you will want at least two but better to have three.  To determine how many chickens you need to ask how many eggs a week do I need – one chicken (and that’s a good laying breed)   generally lays one egg a day.  In hot or cold weather fewer.

3 – How much room do I have.  One chicken requires at least 4 sq ft in their run.  We recommend that you free range as much as possible to get the happiest hens and the best eggs!

4 – How much time and care do chickens require?  A lot less than a cat or a dog!  And they give you food!  It takes us about 10 – 15 minutes a day to change feed/water, clean the coop, gather eggs and let them out to free range.  We do spend more time with them because they are so enjoyable and very funny.

5 – If you still want chickens and can, you need to consider the coop.  And the run.  A predator proof coop/run is one of the most important things to consider in getting a coop.  We hear over and over stories of walking out in the morning to find all your hens massacred, literally.  So, if you go for the cheaper coop, always know and be prepared to have to invest in a more expensive and predator proofed model.  Our Omelette House handles 6 chickens and you will need the A-Frame run w/door and two extensions.  The coop is cozy and well protected from the elements and a comfy interior for your hens to roost.  We put sawdust on coop floor/nesting boxes and about 6″ on the floor in run.

To be continued:


We will be at the Lone Star Farmers Market this Sunday.  10:00 – 2:00pm in the Lowes’ parking lot at the Galleria off of Hwy 71 in Bee Caves.

Also, have our coops at Revival on Hwy 71 in Bee Caves and at – World Headquarters:  16109 Awalt, Austin, Tx. 78734