All Kooped Up offers a premier, functional, durable and aesthetic structure to complement your backyard landscape.  Our coops are designed by a master carpenter to be aesthetically functional yard art and, most importantly, to provide the supreme protein in the form of the incredible and edible egg. Remember, “You are what you eat!!!”

all kooped up chicken coops

Welcome to All Kooped Up Chicken Coops! Are you looking for a mobile, predator proof chicken coop for your urban environment? At All Kooped Up Chicken Coops, we provide aesthethically functional chicken coops that easily double as yard art! Our chicken coops are high quality, durable, long lasting and predator with comfort and safety for your chickens’ needs. And they’re made right here in Central Texas.

Wood shingles on 1/4 lathe instead of solid plywood allow roof to breathe and add ventilation, which is also provided by the inset hardware wire in doors and vents.

Our chicken coops are elevated on a 22″ high base which protects the chicken coop from moisture rot and keeps the inside of the coop warm, dry and cozy.

Optional runs can be added that are built with inset hardware wire to protect your chickens from predators and allows you to keep your flock in a smaller contained area.

The wheels and handles package makes your chicken coop conveniently mobile for easy relocation to shady areas of your yard allowing more comfort to your chicken flock and feeding availability.

Our Chicken Coops include the following features:

  • 5/8″ exterior /4″ shiplap/ all end-grain trimmed
  • 3/4″ exterior plywood for floor/slatted roof/nesting boxes
  • Cedar shingles on roof and nesting boxes – helps with Texas heat and drops temperature 10 – 15 degrees
  • All openings trimmed and inset with hardware wire for ventilation
  • Vented floor for cooling and ease of cleaning
  • Drip cap to ensure weather protection
  • Chicken coop sits on base – 22″ high
  • Walkway from door to ground
  • Roosts / Knobs / Security Latches
  • Nesting boxes with exterior access for egg gathering
  • Stained glass insets
  • Finished with one color; accented with 1 or 2 other colors

Chicken Coop Extras

  • Rectangle Run now available for all three coops
  • A-Frame run w/door available for Souffle Suites and Omelette House
  • Extended A-Frame run
  • Plexiglas inserts for windows and vent for those cold Texas months
  • Free range wheel package
  • Custom Paints of your choice available upon request